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Probably the most important part of any successful function is the blend of music catering for majority of guests if not all of their own individual tastes.

Music that compliments the overall mood of your function is more likey to engage with your guests and provide an enjoyable experience for all. 

Being able to cater for many musical tastes and wide variety of music is all very well but being able to find the right track quickly is essential.

Therefore Cool Connections ability to cover almost genres of music from Ballroom to Glam Rock, The Swinging Sixties to Commercial Pop, Rock 'n' Roll to Club Dance across 6 decades puts them in good stead for most functions.


Whilst variety is important it is also important to blend these styles of music in such a way that it does not jar on the ear, and more importantly if on the dance floor it does not jar your hip with an unexpected change of beat or musical genre.


You can’t please all the people all the time, we aim to please the majority of the people most of the time.  So when Great Aunt Dorris sends someone up to ask for her favourite song by “whats his name” you know the one that goes “The Old Old House Looks the same" (Answers on a postcard or email for who the artist is) well find a way to slot it in to the evening.

With a music collection in excess of 25 000 tracks of which 15 000 are always carried, it has been essential to create a computerized catalogue enabling a track to be located quickly either by Title or Artist.


The music collection has been built up over 35 years of collecting some of the best and most popular music released since the mid 50s.  In fact the first album purchased was "Rock Around The Clock" by Bill Haley and his Comets, closely followed by "Shang-A-Lang" from the Bay City Rollers. Bet you can't guess which one was only 50p from a school fete back in 1977.


The original Vinyl collection has been  transfered to digital formats and where possible "clean" digital versions have been purchased either on CD or via download sites to obtain the highest audio quality possible.

In the early days more by accident than intention we catalogued every record and then CD we purchased. This was done by both Artist and song Title and a location in the record boxes.  Little did we think back then how important this would become later on as the music collection grew and grew.


Some 20 years ago now we added a computerized playout system with up to 15000 of the most popular tracks loaded which has now grown to in excess of 20 000. This has made it even quicker to locate requests.  (can't cope with descriptions such as: "Have you got the one that goes Da Ds Boom Boom Kerchow though).



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