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Public Liability Insurance

Portable Appliance Testing

ProDub Music Licencing

We all know that getting married (or organising a major celebration) can be an expensive (and sometimes stressful) time.Booking a DJ without PLI could prove to be a very expensive mistake.


The risks of booking a DJ without Public Liability Insurance.Your DJ may be refused entry to the hotel/venue.  If your DJ causes damage to property or individuals you may end-up being liable for the costs.


Many hotels, corporate and large venues insist DJs are fully insured. If your DJ arrives to set-up on your big day and is unable to produce evidence of insurance, they may be refused entry. You can imagine what a disaster that would be!


What if the DJ causes damage through negligence, a guest trips over a speaker stand, or something worse happens?Remember, your big day will most likely be attended by your most important friends and family. If an accident were to happen and a claim pursued, its success will partly depend on whether you had hired an insured individual.

When searching for a suitable mobile disco, you'll notice that some companies will make reference to their equipment being 'PAT tested'.Portable Appliance (or PAT) testing is a requirement that all mobile disco companies should adhere to, by law.


It involves testing of electrical equipment to be used at your event that requires a mains supply. It's generally carried out every year and it ensures that all appliances are electrically safe to use.It is a legal requirement for the DJ to have their equipment tested. This is to comply with the The Electricity at Work Act 1989.PAT tested equipment is also required to satisfy the Public Liability Insurers.If you hire a DJ without the necessary paperwork, they may be refused entry to your venue.Check the Terms and Conditions in your chosen venue's contract.


For the benefit of their own insurance cover (and legal obligations), it's possible they only allow DJs who are fully insured and hold a valid PAT certificate. Think of the consequences of your DJ being refused entry on your big day... Remember, PAT testing exists for your safety. Don't simply assume a DJ is using compliant equipment - ask to see the evidence!

All DJs (based in the UK and Channel Islands) who transfer their music collection from vinyl or CD to MP3 or other digital format must hold a valid ProDub licence.


The ProDub licence is managed by the MCPS-PRS Alliance (Mechanical-Copyright Protection Society and Performing Rights Society). This non-profit organisation is responsible for the payment of royalties to writers, composers and music publishers.


Before booking a mobile disco, We recommend you check with your DJ to ensure they are properly licenced. Failure to do so could result in your DJ not benig allowed to perform. Venue management or any licenced authorised person can legally prevent your DJ from performing.


All DJs who have a ProDub licence are issued with a certificate from the MCPS-PRS Alliance. This should be made available to you, on request.


Members of the public can also validate a DJs membership by entering their DJs surname in the search box via the MCPS-PRS web site. As part of a venues own public performance licence, they will be required to verify if your DJ requires a ProDub licence and if so, actually holds one. If your DJ doesn't hold the necessary proof, they could be prevented from setting-up, thus ruining your event.


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